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Welcome to the Adventurers Guild.

We are a Guild dedicated to helping Adventurers find Adventure.

The Adventurers Guild came about when an enterprising halfing saw the current bounty system failing and took it upon himself to fix the problem.

In the days before the Guild, if a town or Nobleman had a problem that was beyond their ability to deal with, they would send a petition to the Imperial Court or the Immortal Empress herself. Often these petitions would be reviewed by the Empresses Aids and they would determine if the petition was of merit for the Empresses attention. Often they were not.

These petitions would then be passed down to the Military Command for review. If the Military Command decided that the petition was of merit, they would then send anything from a Squad of Soldiers to an entire Company of Troops to address the issue.

The petitioner would then have to host the soldiers until the issue was resolved. Often this would be more costly to the petitioner than the actual problem they wished to have resolved. This lead to the Bounty Board System.

Petitioners would send a courier to post a Bounty or some other request for help on a public board in the Imperial Square. Often these petitions would be responded to by Adventurers seeking work and adventure. The "Best" petitions were often claimed by individuals who were over qualified for the task at hand or under qualified. This left the more difficult or dangerous tasks unresponded to. Or, worse yet, taken on by individuals who couldn't handle them. This frequently lead to the demise of these poor souls.

This system also lead to situations where corrupt adventurers would try to renegotiate the terms of the petition for more money and, sometimes, outright blackmail of the petitioner.

Thus, The Adventurers Guild was born of a need to correct these issues and see that all petitions were responded to by individuals who were competent and honest.

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